Chuck's Vehicle Detailing Services

Exterior Washing and Waxing

Full exterior wash and removing all dirt and grime from finish, including under wheel wells, where dirt can cause rust. Also removing mold and dirt from insignias on vehicle.

Interior Cleaning

Vacuum and dust entire interior, including blowing out vents to remove dust and dirt that builds over time. Then using a mild cleaner, I wash down all finishes to remove marks and oils before treating the surfaces to a polishing. This helps to protect the surfaces and keep them from cracking and dulling, making your vehicle look new! Windows and door-jams are also totally cleaned of excess dirt and grease to look nicer.

Shampooing of Carpets and Seats

I do this procedure by hand so the materials do not get to wet. This can cause molding and ruin the material if not totally dried.

Other Services

If you have a plastic bumper cover with an indent in it, it is sometimes possible for me to remove the indent saving you a lot of money by not going to a body shop. I have to see the indent before I can say whether or not I am able to remove it.

Gift Certificates Available

Not interested in doing you vehicle right away? Purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone else and use it at a later date! There is no time limit on a gift certificate, and all it requires is an appointment to get your vehicle looking new!!

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